Willett thanks CMCU sponsors

After capping off a stellar year Mulwala’s Olympic shooter James Willett came home to personally thank his sponsors for their continued support.

Last Thursday, James dropped into the Central Murray Credit Union to show off his ISSF World Cup Men’s Double Trap trophy, much to the delight of CEO John Pattison.

“James consistency throughout the competitions has been amazing, particularly for a young lad of just 20,” Pattison said.

“The CMCU proudly supports James and we are very confident for his future.

“He is an outstanding ambassador for Yarrawonga Mulwala.”

Willett’s final shoot of the year was the Men’s ISSF Shotgun World Cup Final in Rome where he walked away with the Double Trap title.

“We had to qualify for this competition during 2016 from gaining points from the four world cups during the year,” Willett said.

“The three Olympic medallists were also competing here and the gold medallist in Rio finished sixth at this competition.”

Getting his World Cup trophy back to Australia proved a little tricky as customs officials couldn’t quite work out exactly what it was.

“There was absolutely no problem with taking my guns, they are always checked into baggage without any drama but for some reason this trophy caused a huge problem,” he said.

“As it is made out of glass I had to take it with my carry-on luggage and it wasn’t showing up clearly on the x-rays so I had to unwrap it from the packaging so the customs officials could have a look.

“I am so appreciative of the CMCU, they have been my longest supporter being the very first one to come on board.

“If it wasn’t for organisations such as the CMCU and John Pattison then it would just make getting to these competitions so much more difficult.”

Central Murray Credit Union Sponsorship

Image: James Willett with Central Murray Credit Union’s CEO John Pattison.

Shepparton News

Source: Shepparton News
By: Fiona Blick
Date: 27 October 2016